Bolted Connections

Klevabricks ™ is the only bolted building technology system in South Africa, that enables it to be sold in kit form.

The adjacent blocks are bolted together rather than by the use of mortar

The construction of a Klevabrick building follows the traditional building method for normal bricks.

There is therefore nothing new for people to learn. The only difference is that the adjacent blocks are bolted together rather than by the use of mortar.

The end result is the same, except that a Klevabrick wall in tension is stable.

No mortar
No lintels

No bricklayers


No chasing walls

Only a standard nut and bolt and a 13mm spanner is needed to bolt the Klevabricks together

Standard Nut & Bolt

Only A 13mm Spanner

Watch the video to find out why the Klevabrick concept is so unique

Steel Frame Structure

Klevabrick ™ is a specifically shaped, steel reinforced concrete building brick designed by South African Engineers.


Horizontal bolted reinforcing


Every first course of Klevabricks is bolted into the raft floor slab


The vertical reinforcing extends to the roof


All Klevabricks from the floor to roof, including the roof are bolted through to the foundation


This is totally unique and is not found in any other method of building

Klevabricks are stronger, faster and cheaper, making construction up to three storeys easily affordable