Brick Moulds For Sale

Klevabricks ™ is designed to create employment. The bolted building system empowers unskilled people to learn and earn an income.
Klevabrick offers major benefits for human settlements like employment and economical gain
Klevabrick is an efficient and sustainable building solution with major employments benefits for human settlements. The community benefits include employment opportunities and economical gain. As Klevabrick can be manufactured on site, construction in remote areas becomes more affordable. This opens up the possibility for new developments in rural parts of Southern Africa.
The capability to self-build in the future
Teaches teamwork
Training of local unskilled labour
Gives rise to emerging constractors
The Klevabrick mould design is a world first

Quick and simple to use

All sides fit exactly everytime


All moulds are numbered


Moulds will last up to 8 years

The concept of building without mortar removes the need for a bricklayer
The concept of building without mortar removes the need for a bricklayer. This requires the Klevabricks to always be of the exact same size. Klevabrick moulds are made by welding 5mm laser cut steel plate forming the sides A to D and the bottom cup. This bottom cup has a loose urethane liner which produces the front off shutter design The moulds are accurate to within 0,25mm. This design can be of any pattern and even of a cut stone finish as the de-moulding is perpendicular to the concrete face, there is no abrasion and the moulds will last for up to 8 years plus of daily use.
Operation of K1-Mould
Wooden blocks to form void recesses
Urethane liner
Fastening wedge
Locating pins
K4 mould – A K1 with sleeve anchor holes
Top plate to form 2 x 10x55mm holes to accommodate sleeve anchors to connect perpendicular wall
Side locking wedges
Bottom cup
Assembling the mould
  • Fit side A to the bottom cup
  • Fit sides B & C and locate with locating pins
  • Fit side D & conduits
  • Fit reinforcing onto locating pins
  • Fit the side locking wedges – mould complete
  • Concrete can now be cast using either a table or probe vibrator
  • Strick off top with small wooden float
To de-mould
  • Knock out all wedges
  • Knock out locating pins
  • Tap side A backwards until free (Perpendicular to concrete face)
  • Tap side D backwards until free
  • Tap sides B & C away until free
  • Tap out wooden void formers
  • Turn mould upside-down and tip out Klevabrick
Klevabrick moulds are designed to be quick & simple to use All sides fit exactly and are numbered and located by the locating pins on the side pieces B & C only
The use of Klevabrick moulds require 4/5 easily repetitive steps both for assembly and de-moulding.
This manufacturing approach makes Klevabricks ideal for unskilled people to learn and be productive and earn an income.
The Klevabrick concept is deliberately designed to create employment in their manufacture as compared to the use of industrially and machine-made building materials.
It is in fact opposite to the idea of using machines for greater efficiency.
RDP 40m2 plus houses are easily manufactured and built by a team of unskilled people on a daily bases.